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Dear Motorsports Enthusiast,

I've been involved with Motorsports for quite some time. Ever since my introduction to the Eastern Iowa Dirt tracks in the late '70's up to the current day, I've had the privilege of being involved with Stock Cars in just about every capacity available - Driver, owner, official, &, perhaps, most notably, as a speedway announcer, radio host and writer.

Now the next generation of the Bailey family is involved in Motorsports; although with two fewer tires!

How about a little background information?

In the early spring of 2007, three motorcycles found their way into the Bailey Family Garage. Through the summers of '07 and '08 the three of us (Myself, my son Zachary and my daughter Allison) enjoyed the glorious out doors riding the trails around southeastern Minnesota. Some great family fun and togetherness was augmented by some real life training for Zachary and Allison in coordination, mechanical knowledge and self-confidence.

By the end of the summer of '08, it's pretty safe to say that we had become a cycling family. In addition to the DNR Trails, we'd also begun trailering our trio of cycles up to the "Arkansaw Cycle Park" in Arkansaw, WI ( and beginning to learn the in's and out's (and up's and down's) of true motocross riding. It was quite by accident, late in the summer, that I noticed an ad for a "Beginner's Division" at a year-end Motokazie Motocross event being held the second weekend of September in Mankato, MN (

And so, on nothing more than a whim, we loaded up our cycles hit the road bright and early on Sunday September 12th for our first true motocross experience. Allison was not quite ready to take the plunge, but Zachary and Myself registered for the event and enjoyed a pulse pounding day the likes of which I haven't personally experienced since the very first night I took my own stock car around the La Crosse Fairgrounds speedway! The day was incredibly fun and as a little icing on the cake, Zachary wrapped up the experience with a podium finish and a third place trophy to display in his bedroom!

Needless to say, we were all thrilled with the outcome.
For 2009 we formed "BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS" and devoted the entire summer to Zachary's MX efforts.

Sitting atop a his new Kawasaki KX65cc racing bike he stormed the local MX racing scene; he was a raw rookie, with a lot to learn, but by the time the season was over, he had many looking in his direction and nodding their heads with approval.

You can read all about Zachary's success on the 2009 NEWS PAGE of our web site. But, here are some of the "Highlights" of Zachary's 2009 Rookie Season:
  • Two (2) MX race wins (called "motos" in Motocross)!
  • Two (2) MX overall division wins (figured as an 'average' of two "moto" finishes, which make up a single day event in each Division)!
  • One (1) Flat Track (Oval) Heat Race win!
  • One (1) Flat Track (Oval) Feature Race win!
  • One (1) Flat Track (Oval) Overall Division win!
  • Six (6) second place MX race finishes.
  • One (1) second place overall MX division finish.
  • One (1) second place overall MX division finish.
  • Six (6) third place MX race finishes.
  • Four (4) third place overall MX Division finishes.
  • Finished his Rookie Season Tied for 6th place in the AMA District 23 Minnesota State Point Standings for 65cc 10-11 Division! (Got as high as 5th, twice) - 42 Total Competitors!
  • Finished his Rookie Season in 10th place in the AMA District 23 Minnesota State Point Standings for 65cc 7-11 Division! (Got as high as 7th) - 84 Total Competitors!
  • Finished his Rookie Season in the prestigious Motokazie MX Series with a 7th place over-all finish in the 65cc 10-11 Division!
That's a total of Eight (8) "Podium Finishes" (top-3 overall finish) along with Fourteen (14) additional "Medal winning" finishes and three (3) top-10 point standings finishes in his Rookie Season! Additionally, Zachary represented the sport, his Rookie Season efforts and his 2009 supporters by:
  • Presenting a "Youth Motocross" exhibit (along with Allison) at "Motorcycle Night" at Winona's Lake View Drive-Inn (see photos at our 09 MISCELLANEOUS IMAGES PAGE)
By viewing some of the photos within the 09 IMAGES section of our web site you can see that we paid special attention to insuring that our presence at 2009 District 23 racing events was ALWAYS a family oriented affair. We never once undertook any negative actions (complaints, protests, poor sportsmanship). We always made it a point to arrive with a clean trailer, a clean (polished) cycle, clean (washed weekly) racing uniforms, and a happy and family-friendly appearance. Additionally, the BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS web site was constructed and delivered to present a positive atmosphere with regards to the sport, our team, our supporters, and motorcycling (riding and competing) in general.

Despite enjoying such a successful "Rookie Season" we can not relax as we begin making plans for 2010. Due to AMA rules and regulations, Zachary's age is FORCING him to move up to the next level - the highly competitive 85cc classes.

Zachary's 65cc is destined for a new home (I.E., it's for sale) and we're currently scouring the market for an 85cc cycle for him to use during the 2010 season! This, of course, means another "Rookie Season" pitting Zachary against others who've enjoyed much more time and experience on these slightly larger cycles. This means that, just like any other honest racer, we can't promise or guarantee such great results and success, as we enjoyed in 2009,for 2010. However, based upon Zachary's positive personality, his love and enjoyment for the sport and his impressive improvements during his true "Rookie Season" of racing . . . we can assure you that Zachary will be at the track trying as hard as possible; all the while putting forth a positive presence for all associated with his efforts.


For 2010 Zachary will once again be racing in the competitive world of AMA Motocross action! Motocross racing in Minnesota is officially sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA - and directed by the state district of motorcycle sport and competition "ARMCA ( the Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association, which is chartered as district 23 (Minnesota) of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)."

While the 2009 District 23 Motocross schedule is comprised of a whopping 65 events at 10 different tracks spread around the state of Minnesota, Zachary will be focusing his efforts at a couple of well-known tracks in Southern Minnesota, including:

Midway MX Park in Kellogg, MN
Hurricane Hills MX Park in Mazeppa, MN

Additionally, Zachary may possibly make an appearance or two as several other well known Minnesota track such as:

The world famous Springcreek MX Park in Millville, MN
Motokazie's Mankato MX Track in Mankato, MN

In an effort to keep Zachary as competitive in 2010 as he was in 2009, we are now actively searching for an 85cc 'MX Racing Bike' for him to ride during the 2010 season. Zachary really liked his Kawasaki KX65 that he campaigned through 2009, and so, would be quite happy to ride a Kawasaki KX85 in 2010. But, with his dad and sister both riding Yamahas, it would be just as neat if the entire stable of BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS riders were atop Yamahas; so, we're also looking at many YZ85s for Zachary!
Just as in 2009, our main goal for the 2010 season is quite humble and simple:
Have an enjoyable summer while soaking up the experience of participating in this competitive sport!

Some additional side goals that I, as a parent, have for Zachary are:
  1. Continue to learn and understand the true meaning of sportsmanship - winning and trophies are not the only thing to focus on in sports!
  2. Experience the economic realities of an expensive hobby such as Motorsports,
  3. Learn improved communication skills (with other competitors, event officials, the media, & sponsors),
  4. Learn some general mechanical skills.
As you can see, we're approaching our involvements in motorsports with some extremely realistic expectations - the focus is not on "winning the most" or "going the fastest" or "making a splash" . . . but, rather, enjoying a rewarding experience and learning some great life lessons through this experience.


Now that you've heard our plans, I hope you'll read with me just a bit more as I respectfully request your involvement in the BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS endeavor.

1. First and foremost, and undeniably most important for anyone considering sponsorship involvement - I feel that I have MUCH more to offer than any others in the world of 'local motorsports'. I already have an immediate and reliable MEDIA PRESENCE. As you may know, I have a long and professional media career tightly interwoven into the local motorsports scene. While I am not promising, or even suggesting, free media coverage, I can offer the true potential for "professional mentions", "sponsor references" & similar "naming associations" for sponsors of BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS during any of my media moments ("So, we loaded up the [Sponsor Name] KX85 and headed to the Track", etc)

2. A BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS web site already has a year under its belt at and is now awaiting a co-branding opportunity with your business logo and contact information. This web site is designed to have prominent display of any and all supporters of BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS - with live links available to your business web site and as much information about your business integrated into our web site as you desire.

3. Similar to the stock car world, we can feature prominent display of sponsor logos and/or naming, via professional vinyl lettering, on key locations of Zachary's KX85 and even his safety equipment.

4. BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS is definitely open to the idea of dispensing business cards, business coupons or any other printed material about your business that you might have available, at the various tracks we visit.

5. If our schedules permit, we are hoping to submit an application to participate in a couple of local summer parades. Another opportunity to show our supporter's names and present their community involvement!

6. Last year we set up a table at a local Winona dinning "Hot Spot" during their "Bike Night". With colorful brochures about BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS and color photos available for autographs, we were visited by a majority of the people on hand for the event. We plan on a similar display for 2010 . . . another opportunity to "Co-Brand" your business along with BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS to an already interested audience.

7. An enclosed trailer such as the one currently used by BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS could be an excellent "traveling billboard" for the logos and naming of BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS supporters - prominently displayed on the exterior of the trailer in professional vinyl lettering for all to see. Remember, not only would this trailer be following Zachary to his "MX" events . . . it is also used to haul Dan's gear to his "Flat-Track" events. Preliminary scheduling means that this trailer will be "on the go" almost every weekend from early April through the end of September! That's almost a straight years worth of a "rolling billboard" for your business.
Admittedly, most of these Supporter / Sponsor opportunities are quite normal to the Motorsports scene, however, I truly feel that for perhaps one of the few times in local motorsports, BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS can actually offer solid business R.O.I. (return on investment) via a combination of all seven marketing examples listed above - particularly a combination of Dan's media involvement and experience along with the BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS web site.


I would very much enjoy the opportunity to speak with you further regarding the 2010 plans of BAILEY FAMILY MOTORSPORTS and a possible future relationship with you. I think this could be an excellent opportunity for you to 'cross promote' your business to an audience that year after year shows some of the highest customer loyalty - motorsports competitors and fans. If you are interested, get in touch with me via the 'CONTACT US' link at the top of this web site, I'd be more than happy to spend as much time as you desire speaking with you concerning a potential relationship - I would also be interested in hearing any other ideas you might have. Please feel free to contact me via any of the means provided at the top left of this document (Cell phone, Home Phone, E-Mail).

Here's looking forward to a fun and exciting 2010 racing season!!

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