Dan Bailey has been involved with Motorsports for quite some time. Ever since his introduction to Stock Car racing around the Eastern Iowa Dirt tracks in the late '70's up to his current day involvement at local short-tracks in Minnesota and Wisconsin, he's had the privilege to be involved with Motorsports in just about every capacity available - Driver, owner, and, perhaps most notably, as announcer and writer.

The Dynimic Duo!
And now the next generation of the Bailey family is beginning to show interest in Motorsports; although with two fewer tires! In the early spring of 2007, three motorcycles found their way into the Bailey Family Garage. Through the summers of '07 and '08 the family of three (Dan, son Zachary and daughter Allison) enjoyed the glorious out doors riding the trails around southeastern Minnesota. Some great family fun and togetherness was augmented by some real-life training for Zachary and Allison in coordination, mechanical knowledge and self-confidence.

By the end of the summer of '08, it's pretty safe to say that the trio had become a cycling family. In addition to the DNR Trails, the three had also begun trailering their trio of cycles up to the "Arkansaw Cycle Park" in Arkansaw, WI ( and beginning to learn the in's and out's (and up's and down's - if we're going to be honest) of true motocross riding. It was quite by accident, late in the summer, that Dan noticed an ad for a "Beginner's Division" at a year-end Motokazie Motocross event being held the second weekend of September in Mankato, MN (
Beginner's Success!

And so, on nothing more than a whim, they loaded up the cycles and hit the road bright and early on Sunday September 12th for their first true motocross experience. While Allison was not quite ready to take the plunge, Zachary and Dan registered for the event and enjoyed a pulse pounding day the likes of which Dan hadn't personally experienced since the very first night he took his own stock car around the La Crosse Fairgrounds speedway! The day was incredibly fun and as a little icing on the cake, Zachary wrapped up the event with a podium finish and a third place trophy to display in his bedroom!

Needless to say, they were all thrilled with the outcome.

As the temperatures dropped, snows covered the ground and '08 quietly turned into '09, talks quickly turned to Zach's hopes and desires for the summer of 2009.

And so, as the cold days of February passed them by, they were excited to announce the formation of:



For 2009 the Baileys have decided to stay with the sport of motorcycling; and while Dan and Allison will be content with riding the trails and enjoying the beauty of the upper Midwest, the decision has been made to immerse Zachary into the competitive world of Amature AMA Motocross action! Motocross racing in Minnesota is officially sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA - and directed by the state district of motorcycle sport and competition "ARMCA ( the Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association, which is chartered as district 23 (Minnesota) of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)."

While the 2009 District 23 Motocross schedule is comprised of a whopping 61 events at 11 different tracks spread around the state of Minnesota, Zachary will be focusing his efforts at the three tracks in Southern Minnesota:

In an effort to keep Zachary somewhat competitive, despite his "rookie status" the decision was made to purchase a full-fledged 'MX Racing Bike' for him to ride during the 2009 season. Zachary is quite excited about his Kawasaki KX65!

What a ride!

Thanx to his participation in a Motocross training school through the month of February - at the newly built AMSOIL SANDBOX INDOOR MOTORCROSS ARENA - Zachary has already had a chance to turn many laps with his new racing ride!

The main goal for this 2009 season is, honestly and sincerely, quite humble and simple:

Have an enjoyable summer while soaking up the new experience of participating in this competitive sport!

Some additional side goals that Dan, as a parent, has for Zachary are:
  1. Learn the true meaning of sportsmanship - Winning and trophies will be few and far between (if at all) during a rookie season!
  2. Experience the economic realities of an expensive hobby such as Motorsports
  3. Learn improved communication skills (with other competitors, event officials, the media, & sponsors)
As you can see, we're approaching this first summer of involvement with some extremely realistic expectations - the focus is not on "winning the most" or "going the fastest" or "making a splash" . . . but, rather, to enjoy a new experience and hopefully learn some great life lessons through this experience.


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